Welcome to the Indianapolis Funeral Escort Service Website.  We offer motorcycle funeral escorts from your place of service, whether it be your funeral chapel or a church, to the decedent’s final resting place.

Our mission is to ensure you, your family and the procession arrive safely to your destination by providing traffic control throughout your route.

Indianapolis Funeral Escort Service has been in business for over 20 years, with Gary and Michelle Harriman acquiring it in March 2011. We are located in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, however we service several funeral homes in the surrounding counties.

We understand that as a Funeral Director you only have a few days to plan the funeral. When placing your order with Indianapolis Funeral Escort Service, you will receive a confirmation of your order in a timely manner. On the morning of the service, you will receive a confirmation phone call letting you know who your escorts will be, what time they will arrive and what location they are to report to. This allows an opportunity to confirm all the details are correct giving you peace of mind.